Reagents to improve molecular tests of tissues and pathogens

TAG-NGPM+™ – virus inactivating media | room temp stability | no guanidinium salts
TAG-1™ – non-toxic tissue fixative with no protein crosslinking | designed for better RNA and DNA tests

TAG-NGPM  (Next Generation Pathogen Media)

For research use and COVID-19 test kit manufactures following validation per FDA EUA test VTM guidance.  

  • Does not require a cold chain for storage or transport – RNA is kept stable at room temperature for 4+ days.
  • Keeps RNA stable in freeze-thaw

  • Designed for nasopharyngeal, oropharyngeal, and saliva test kits
  • Designed to better preserve RNA fragments and proteins in samples to enable more accurate tests
  • Made in the USA
  • Validated in Lab Developed and EUA COVID-19 tests per FDA guidance.  In deployment by test kit providers now.
  • “+” version – virus inactivation – reduce the risk of virus exposure to clinical staff and laboratory personnel
  • Safe to use with standard laboratory decontamination reagents such as bleach
  • Inhibits bacteria and fungal contamination 
  • Compatible with leading platforms including Hologic Panther and Roche Cobas 
  • Lower price and higher value than any other VTM, UTM and ITMs 
  •  High volume fulfillment available now


non-toxic tissue fixative | no protein crosslinking | use the same lab protocols as formalin | designed to optimize molecular tests

  • Class 1 General Reagent pursuant to 21 CFR 864.4010
  • Designed to better stabilize tissue to allow more flexible time for fresh examination, snap freezing, standard processing and paraffin embedding, or formalin fixation.
  • Non-toxic, odorless replacement to formalin for clinical and research use
  • Excellent preservation of tissue morphology
  • Excellent and predictable staining
  • No cross-linking of cellular proteins
  • Strong protection of cell surface antigenic components
  • Equivalent IHC and FISH results to NBF fixed tissues
  • Protection of nuclear contents including nucleic acids
  • Research tests show excellent DNA quantity and quality yields   
  • Research tests show high DV200 scores on RNA from TFPE v FFPE tissue